Sunday, January 16, 2011

County of the Year


It is with great pleasure for the Surfing Committee to announce the COUNTY OF THE YEAR for 2010. 

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! The award goes to WISE COUNTY with coordinators La Darla Walker Keith and Sue Tackel.

This was not an easy task for the committee as it was a 5 way tie. Just too many great sites to pick from .

La Darla & Sue along with their many volunteers have made Wise County an outstanding resource for the patrons who research in the county. Countless hours are spent with the enormous about of information. For example there are over 33,000 marriage and divorce records. Over 19,000 records for births records. There's also probably way over 100,000 images of headstones and documents online that are linked to the Wise County pages.

They are just starting a county school yearbooks project. They have a person scanning the books, and then theywill put the page images online and do an alphabetical index of the names. For the index on this page go to the names are a link to that page of the yearbook. They hope to do old yearbooks for all the county schools. It will be a big project.

Again CONGRATULATIONS to Sue & La Darla.

Please besure to go to to tell them what a great site this is. 

Anyone wanting to join the Surfing Committee or for the new CC's who want to know more, go to


Jane Keppler

Surfing Committee

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