Friday, August 3, 2012

July County of the Month

The Surfing Committee is pleased to announce Hunt County as the
July County of the Month. Congratulations to the County Coordinator
Shirley Cullum!

Some of the items of interest on the site are the Hunt County
Fugitives From Justice 1878, In The Line of Duty, and Hunt County
Officeholders From 1846-1860.

In winning the July COM it also puts Hunt in the Hall of Fame.

Please visit with Shirley and Hunt County

Honorable Mention counties are: Fayette, Freestone, Harris, Karnes, Lamb,
Limestone, McLennan, Mitchell, Oldman, Terrell
Congratulations to those CC's as well.

Friday, May 4, 2012

April County of the Month

The Surfing Committee is please to announce that Kerr County is the April 2012 County of the month.

Please visit with the county coordianator, Shirley Webb at and see all the wonderful information she has for her patrons. She has a master list of all the cemeteries, just wonderful for researchers.  A very interesting page called Advertising for Yesteryear, peeked my interest, so taking a look I found lots of old ads. Hospital Memories was very informative to say the least....Anyway, take a peek and see why Kerr was chosen as COM.

Honorable Mentioned are: Culberson, Fayette, Hardeman, Lavaca, McLennan, Tarrant, & Titus .  Outstanding work for all these counties.

To let Shirley Webb and the honorable mentions know what an outstanding job they have done, trot over and let them know.

Jane Keppler
Surfing Committee

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September Dedicated CC Award

The September Dedicated CC Award goes to Joe Deaver. Congratulations Joe!

Joe has been a member of the TXGenWeb Project since October of 1999 as
the County Coordinator of Bell County. Bell County won COM in May, 2002
and in December, 2006 with Joe as the County Coordinator. He is diligent
about keeping the site current and since July has been joined by Co-CC
Jody Dillard. A big thank you to Joe for being such a diligent County

Remember, you can always view the Award page here:

Please stroll on over to the CC communications list and give Joe a pat
on the back!
Congratulations again, Joe!

Shirley, Elaine, Jane, and Christina

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kleberg County Has Been Adopted

Tina Sikes has adopted Kleberg County.

Your chance to adopt another county is still good as Collingsworth, Hemphill, and Zapata are still available.


Hood County has a new CC

Bunny Freeman has adopted Hood County.

Collingsworth, Hemphill, Kleberg and Zapata are still available and are waiting patiently for a caretaker.


End of Summer Special

The end of summer means cooler weather (107 degrees here today). Cooler weather
means more time spent indoors. More time indoors means more computer time. Okay,
so I am reaching a bit but I do have a reason for posting this message.

Hood County has now been added to the Orphan County List. Other counties on the
list are Collingsworth, Hemphill, Kleberg and Zapata. If you are interested in
adopting one of these counties, please contact me.

(who is looking for cooler weather)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

August Dedicated CC Award

The Dedicated CC Award for this month goes to Trey Holt.

Trey has been a member of the TXGenWeb Project since August of 1996 as the CC of Brazos County. The first SC for the TXGenWeb, Mike Basham, appointed Trey to be his ASC in September, 1997. The same day it was announced that Trey was our very first ASC, Mike Basham died of a heart attack. Two days later Trey became the SC and served at this position until November, 2002. He now serves as the TXGenWeb Historian. Trey is indeed a "founding father" of the TXGenWeb Project!
Thanks Trey for giving us a great foundation so the TXGenWeb could become what it is today!



Hello all!

The COUNTY OF THE MONTH for August 2011 goes to Limestone County.
The county coordinator is Cheryl Burks and the site is located at
Be sure to take a look at what she has done for Limestone County. There is a
great deal of information for researchers. It is so easy to find
information. Items of interest are bible records, slave narratives, and some
great historical data.

CONGRATULATIONS on a job well done.

Honorable mentions go to:
Bosque, Delta, Donley, Erath, Fayette, Johnson, Starr, Sutton & Terry. Awesome
job on these counties as well.

Be sure to go to to let Cheryl and the rest of the counties
know what a great job they are doing.

Have a safe holiday!
Jane Keppler

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January County of the Month

The Surfin' Committee is pleased to announce LIPSCOMB COUNTY as the January 2011 County of the Month.

Congratulations to the County Coordinators Eirann Brooks and LaRae Halsy-Brooks!  What an awesome team this is.  For you that don't know, LaRae is Eirann's Mother.  This is truly a

great family project for the two of them.  

For Lipscomb County to have such a small population it is full of great information for the researcher. Patrons should be proud to find all this research material.

Please visit with Eirann & LaRae and the friendly folks of Lipscomb County


Then hop, skip, jump, run or ice skate over to and let them know what a great job they have done.

Congratulations to those CC's as well.

Honorable Mention counties:

Calhoun, Cass, Crosby, Garza, Loving,Madison, Parker & Trinity. good as it gets....

WARM wishes,

Jane Keppler

TXGenWeb Surfin' Committee

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Crane County added to Orphan County List

We cleared off the Orphan County list just a day or so ago but we are now starting a new one. As of this afternoon, Crane County is available for adoption. If you are interested, please contact
one of us.


Shirley, Elaine, & Jane 

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Url for Collin County

Collin County was offline yesterday and part of today. It is now back online but with a new URL

The neighboring counties are: Dallas, Denton, Grayson, Fannin, Hunt and Rockwall.


New Url for Tyler County

Tyler County has moved and has a new URL

Neighboring counties are: Angelina, Hardin, Jasper, and Polk.


Urls and Counties up for Adoption

Lubbock County has been adopted by Betty Fowler and the URL will remain the same. Uvalde County has been adopted by Susan Collard and that URL will remain the same also.


If you have a neighboring county to either of these, please check your link  to make sure you have the correct URL 


Lubbock URL:

neighboring counties: Crosby, Floyd, Garza, Hale, Hockley, Lamb, Lynn, and Terry

Uvalde URL:

neighboring counties: Bandera, Edwards, Kinney, Medina, Real, and Zavala

Upton County is now the lone Orphan County and is waiting to be adopted.



Hi Everyone!        

JoHanna Pena is the newest member of the TXGenWeb and she has adopted Upton County. It's still cold and snowy/icy here in the northern part of Texas so please mush on over to the TXGEN list at to say hello.

Welcome to the TXGenWeb, JoHanna!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

County of the Year


It is with great pleasure for the Surfing Committee to announce the COUNTY OF THE YEAR for 2010. 

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! The award goes to WISE COUNTY with coordinators La Darla Walker Keith and Sue Tackel.

This was not an easy task for the committee as it was a 5 way tie. Just too many great sites to pick from .

La Darla & Sue along with their many volunteers have made Wise County an outstanding resource for the patrons who research in the county. Countless hours are spent with the enormous about of information. For example there are over 33,000 marriage and divorce records. Over 19,000 records for births records. There's also probably way over 100,000 images of headstones and documents online that are linked to the Wise County pages.

They are just starting a county school yearbooks project. They have a person scanning the books, and then theywill put the page images online and do an alphabetical index of the names. For the index on this page go to the names are a link to that page of the yearbook. They hope to do old yearbooks for all the county schools. It will be a big project.

Again CONGRATULATIONS to Sue & La Darla.

Please besure to go to to tell them what a great site this is. 

Anyone wanting to join the Surfing Committee or for the new CC's who want to know more, go to


Jane Keppler

Surfing Committee

Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 Annual Meeting

I hope everyone has marked their calendars for April 30, 2010 for the annual TXGenWeb meeting. Plans are coming together for a great meeting!

An earlier discussion on the list about dowsing for graves has encouraged the planning committee to add a session on dowsing as part of the weekend activities. We would like some input as to when to do this part of the program.

Ponder these questions and then please provide your comments/preferences/ideas:

Friday or Saturday?
If Saturday, do you want to do this last on the program and then go as a group to a local cemetery for hands-on demonstrations?
Other ideas or comments?


Orphan Counties

Lubbock County has been adopted by Betty Fowler and will have a new URL soon.
Upton County has joined Uvalde on the Adopt list so we still have 2 counties that need a home. Contact me to adopt either of the orphan counties.

New Url for Motley County

Motley County moved some time ago and the new URL is

If you have a link to Motley County please update it. The neighboring counties are:Briscoe, Cottle, Crosby, Dickens, Floyd, Hall, and King.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Free Programs & Helpful Links

It has been awhile since I posted the link to the Free Programs & Helpful Links. We have had several new comers to our "family" the last few months, and you may find some helpful programs in the list.

If you find any problems, let me know. Also, if you know of any good freeprograms you would like to see on the list, just send me a link to them.

Happy New Year!

Housekeeping Reminder

Hi Everyone,

Each January I send reminders about housekeeping chores for our websites and this year is no different. It has been almost 3 years since the TXGenWeb moved off Rootsweb yet we are still finding links to the old site on RW. Please make sure all your TXGenWeb links go to

The TXGenWeb rules state that all sites mustbe updated twice a year. If you have a last update date on the main page of yourwebsite it must not be older than July 2010. If you have a "What's New" page please make sure the last entry is no older than July as well. Any website witha main page update date prior to July 2010 is non-compliant. Copyrights should be changed as you update a page on the websites. Some sites have something such as 2000-2011 or 2000 - present and that is fine. Some just have the current year (2011) and that is good, too.

The staff wishes to take this opportunity to say "thank you" to each of you for all you do for your websites and the TXGenWeb. A state project is only as good as it's volunteers and the TXGenWeb Project is the best in the USGenWeb. No brag, just fact.

Shirley, Elaine, & Jane