Friday, May 4, 2012

April County of the Month

The Surfing Committee is please to announce that Kerr County is the April 2012 County of the month.

Please visit with the county coordianator, Shirley Webb at and see all the wonderful information she has for her patrons. She has a master list of all the cemeteries, just wonderful for researchers.  A very interesting page called Advertising for Yesteryear, peeked my interest, so taking a look I found lots of old ads. Hospital Memories was very informative to say the least....Anyway, take a peek and see why Kerr was chosen as COM.

Honorable Mentioned are: Culberson, Fayette, Hardeman, Lavaca, McLennan, Tarrant, & Titus .  Outstanding work for all these counties.

To let Shirley Webb and the honorable mentions know what an outstanding job they have done, trot over and let them know.

Jane Keppler
Surfing Committee

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